You get to try new seasonal heirloom varieties

We aim to provide you with a variety of fresh vegetables. We grow heirloom vegetables, some that you will recognise and others you may not, but we are sure you will love. Here's a list of the types of vegetables we grow on the farm.

BurraBee Farm Cabbage plant.jpg

Jerusalem Artichoke Sunflowers Broadbeans Bok Choi Pumpkin Kohlrabi Artichoke Herbs Leek Corn Eggplant Capsicum Chilies

BurraBee Farm Purple Beans.jpg

Beetroot Carrots Radishes Potatoes Cabbage Broccoli Cauliflower Brussels Sprouts Celery Kohlrabi Onions Spinach Peas

BurraBee Farm Tomatoes.jpg

Tomatoes Cucumber Kale Salad mix Garlic & scapes Squash Zucchini Swiss Chard Snow Peas Turnips