BurraBee Farm (BBF) Community

The BBF Community is your online library of great resource for farm fresh eating. We are creating a library of resources and cheatsheets for our member community. We hope the library will help you to become a conscious seasonal consumer of local fresh food.

As a BBF community member, you unlock all our resources for free, plus you have the added benefit of being part of the BBF CSA private Facebook group of local CSA members. We'll slowly upload content to the library, as we grow our community.

Welcome to your Harvest CSA 2019

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Vegetable storage guides

An important step to making the most of your fresh BurraBee Farm vegetables is learning how to store your vegetables to maximise their use. Mastering the basics will buy you a lot of time to work with your food throughout the week.

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Farmer Tips

Looking for some quick farmer tips? Step right in, we've got tips on a variety of subjects - vegetables, storage and more to come...

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What's in the box?

Each week, you get a magical box of veggies from our farm, pre-packed and waiting for your awesomeness in the kitchen.

But what if you can't identify everything inside?

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Ingredient Recipe of the Week

A selection of new and revolving recipes that focus on an ingredient from your weekly box.

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Coming soon - Freezer storage guide

Freezer storage guide gives you tips for feezing your fresh vegetabes. Feezing them if you know you can't use them in time,helps keep them fresh and reduces waste.