Eat the Rainbow - Photo a day Challenge - starts 5 September

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Photo a Day Challenge

BBF Challenge - Eat the Rainbow

You've probably seen a few different types of challenges on social media. We particularly love the photo a day challenges. So, we thought we'd create our first challenge for you. It's called - Eat the Rainbow seven day challenge. Here's how the challenge works, it's super easy.

  • We reveal a list of words that will help inspire you on the challenge. Think creatively, you can eat your rainbow fresh, cooked, pickled or any which way. Let your imagination go wild, and each day you take four photo's of the fresh vegetables or fruit you ate that relate to the colour of the day.

  • For seven days you'll look at the list and use the prompt as inspiration to eat your colour of the day. You take four photos to post on either Facebook or Instagram. See, it's easy. Don’t worry if your photo's aren't perfect, that will just add to the enjoyment of eating the rainbow for seven days - Photo A Day Challenge. This is a challenge for everyone and it’s not a competition. It just a little fun and interesting way to eat healthier.

  • The next step is to share your photos. You can share them wherever you'd like, on your personal or business Facebook page or on Instagram. When you’re sharing simply use the hashtag #BBFphotoaday.

  • Each day each of us will share our four favourite photos using that days prompt. Tag people in if you like.

Let's see if we can make the Eat the Rainbow challenge the most colourful challenge out there. If you want to see the list of prompts click here, or if you'd prefer to have it emailed to you subscribe here.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and we be back with an answer. This challenge is meant to be fun. We look forward to checking out your photos.


Photo a day challenge - Eat all the colours of the rainbow

Photo a day challenge - Eat all the colours of the rainbow

Eat the Rainbow - Photo a Day Challenge

When: Starts - Mondy, 5 September 2016 and Ends Sunday, 11 September 2016 (10pm)

Where to post: On your own social media account (Facebook/Instagram)

Where to find the seven day prompt: They can be found here.

How: Upload your four favourite photo's using the nominated days prompt. Include the hashtag #BBFphotoaday and the hashtag icluded in the prompt.

We will use Nutrition Australia's colour categories and two further categories for this challenge.