September 2016

It's Your Choice

It's Your Choice

Is 1 bird per square metre 'free range'? Is no grass / insects to feed on the way you want your chickens treated? Here at BurraBee Farm we have about 7 chickens to the hectare, or to put it another way, almost 1,500 square metres per chicken. That's about 4 times more area than the standard block size for a family in Googong!!! What does free range mean to you?

Growing fresh, seasonal and local - just for you!

BurraBee Farm Community Supported Agriculture

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It's an exclusive membership that provides you with what we hope will be plenty of fresh, seasonal, locally grown vegetables from our small farm to your home.  Your membership fees are put towards planning, planting, growing and harvesting vegetables throughout the seasons.  

When you become a BurraBee Farm (BBF) CSA member we will aim to give you a delicious crate of vegetables ready for you and your family to enjoy each week.  We currently have two CSA memberships available - Spring and Summer.  Here's an idea of the variety of vegetables that we will be planting and growing for the CSA's.

  • Pumpkin
  • Silverbeet
  • Spinach
  • Tomatoe
  • Zucchini
  • Potatoes
  • Cucumber
  • Eggplant
  • Herbs
  • Raw Honey
  • Beans
  • Beetroot
  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Carrots
  • Cauliflower
  • Capsicum
  • Celery
  • Onions
  • Peas
Fresh and seasonal vegetables 

Fresh and seasonal vegetables 

A BBF CSA membership is just like a magazine membership but instead of paper you are getting something so much better, fresh vegetables! 

You can choose one or both of the BBF CSA's.  The BBF Spring CSA is from October to December 2016, and the BBF Summer CSA is from January to March 2017.  Your CSA membership means you will receive a crate of delicious, nutrient dense seasonal vegetables each week of your nominated membership(s).

Collection is easy. 

  • We can deliver your delicious vegetables for a nominal fee ($10 - day yet to be determined) within Canberra and Queanbeyan.  
  • You can collect your BBF CSA from one of the markets we attend; or
  • You may be interested in becoming a drop off and collection point for BBF CSA's and receive a discount on your CSA membership.  This is an important task which we hope will also bring our membership group together providing more opportunity to get to know each other.  Please let us know if you are interested in becoming  drop off and collection point in your area by sending an email to

As a BBF CSA member you will be allocated two crates with your name on it.  The idea is that you will always bring back the previous week's crate when you pick up your vegetables.  We'll use the crate to keep track of what you like and don't like.  That way we may be able to give you more of your favourites and less of what you really dislike.  We won't remove them altogether but we can try.  If you do receive something in your CSA that you really don't like then please share with a family member, friends or even strangers.  It might just be their favourite vegetable!  

Learning from each other

As we  grow and learn from our first BBF CSA we'll get to know the types of vegetables that you like or would like to see us grow and you'll learn about the types of vegetables that grow well in our area.  The weather will be the deciding factor in each of the seasons.  Some vegetables may be ready to pick earlier or later than they would normally, or we may find that we try something new that you'll take a little while to warm to.  Getting to know each other will be grand.

We also encourage you to get to know other BBF CSA members,  they can be a great source of cooking inspirations, vegetable swaps and it builds our community.  We will also arrange an on farm long table feast.  It's a way for BurraBee Farm to say thank you for your support, encouragement and understanding. It's a time for us to relax, enjoy each others company and build our friendship. 

But how will you know if a BBF CSA is right for you?

If you answer 'yes' to at least three of the questions below, then we think our BBF CSA's might be just what you are looking for. 

  1. Do you like the idea of supporting a local small farm?
  2. Are you interested in eating nutritious dense local and seasonal vegetables?
  3. Is it important for you to understand where your fresh vegetables are grown and come from?
  4. Are you interested in talking to the farmer about how their vegetables are grown?
  5. Is it important to you that you are buying fresh vegetables that grown using chemical free and natural practices?
  6. Do you love fresh vegetables?

How to become a member

As we mentioned earlier membership is limited to only a few people.  It's out first year, we want to make sure we have you eating delicious and fresh vegetables in no time.  We have a few options for you to consider.  

1.  Decide on one or both of the BBF CSA memberships

- Spring - October to December 2016
- Summer - January to March 2017

2. Choose one of the following

- BBF CSA to feed four people
- BBF CSA to feed two people

3.  After deciding which membership options best suit you click on the options below to take you to the BurraBee Farm online checkout.

BBF Spring CSA - family of four - $625 (equals $48 per week)

BBF Spring CSA - family of two - $313 (equals $24 per week)

BBF Summer CSA - family of four - $575 (equals $45 per week)

BBF Summer CSA - family of two - $288 (equals $23 per week)

We are very happy to answer any further questions you may have about the BBF CSA's.  We hope you are encouraged to participate in our memberships to receive fresh local and delicious vegetables each week.  

  • Membership for the BBF Spring CSA's close on 11 September 2016.
  • Membership for the BBF Summer CSA's close on 1 December 2016.