Things to do in the garden...

Things to do in the garden, Harvest bags, and quick and easy chutney recipe.

Autumn has arrived! The leaves on deciduous trees are turning and ready to fall, and the nights are cool. In this newsletter we have a couple of ideas for the garden, details about our Harvest Bags and a yummy recipe highlighting the fresh flavours of parsley and mint.

In the garden...

We haven't seen the last of the summer season vegetables; with many gardens, including ours, continuing to provide an abundance of tomatoes, capsicums, cucumbers and eggplants. It's the perfect time to harvest and preserve to extend your enjoyment of delicious summer vegetables.

March is the perfect time to transplant cabbage seedlings for a late winter harvest, just remember they love to be planted in firm structured soil, if your pH is low add a little lime. Many vegetables planted at this time of the year have an extended growing period, we make the most of this time and work on our compost heaps. We have a number of compost heaps in frames which require regular watering, and turning two or three times to ensure all the material breaks down before we dig it back into the garden beds.

Harvest Bags...

We have such an amazing group of customers who support us each week by purchasing our Harvest Bags. We wander through the market garden patch early in the week assessing what will be ready to harvest and available for each week's Harvest bags. In this week's $40 Harvest bags we have a delicious selection of vegetables, perfect for the Easter Holidays.

We'll be delivering Harvest Bags to our customers on Thursday, 24 March between 5pm - 7pm. So that you don't miss out please send an email to by 10am Wednesday, 23 March 2016.

Thanks again for your support for our farm.  Don't forget if you have a topic you'd like us to cover in the newsletter please drop us a line with your request.

To have your Harvest Bag delivered to you on Thursday, 24 March please place your order by 10am Wednesday, 23 March 2016. (

See you soon at the Markets!

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