Short and Sweet

Where's the content?

Today's newsletter is a little (lot!) shorter than the usual. We've had a super busy week catching up after being away at the Deep Winter Agrarian gathering and attended a new market in Turner on Saturday, a big thanx to all the new faces we met and to Patrick from Sly Fox Coffee for putting on an awesome day.

Garden Tip

Even on a cold day the sun can still cause sunburn if you're out for long periods in the garden. Days like today are a prime example. Always remember to Slip, Slop, Slap; keep yourself covered and be sure to wear a wide brimmed hat.

Harvest Bag

Orders are open for this weeks harvest bag. The goodies included this week are...

12 Eggs          Warrigal Greens (bag)     Broccoli     Salad Leaf Mix (bag)    

Brussels Sprouts (12)     Brown Onion (4)     SilverBeet (bunch)     White Cabbage (half)

All for only $40 - Order online on the website or message us on Facebook, pickup at the Farmers and Foodies market on Friday - you might have to look for us because we've been told we'll be in a new position for this week only.

Next Week

We'll be back to normal with lots more content and pictures and everything else - and maybe even a rundown at what we got to learn at the Deep Winter Agrarian gathering.