We're half way through March

We're half way through March


We're half way through March 2016, the temperatures are still quite high, the vegetable patch is bursting with delicious vegetables, the bee's are busily foraging for pollen and nectar, the chickens are laying scratching around the paddocks and laying delicious eggs, and we've finished a couple of our projects on the farm.

Last month we started selling our Harvest Bags which include a delicious selection of seasonal farm produce (see image above). The support we've received for our Harvest Bags has been amazing, and something we don't take for granted. Each week we carefully wander around the vegetable patch discussing what will be ready to pick and packed in the Harvest Bags. Our aim is to provide you with a weekly supply of fresh seasonal local vegetables. This week's Harvest Bags are going green to celebrate St Patricks day. At the bottom of the email we have included a list of what will be included in this week's Harvest Bags for $40.

To order yours please send an email to orders@BurraBeeFarm.com.au by 10am Thursday 17 March 2016, include your collection preference and contact details, and we'll make sure we have the bags ready for you.

BurraBee Farm Workshop

We also held our very first Woodfired Oven Workshop.  It was a huge success, again it came down to the wonderful people who attended the workshop.  Their participation and enthusiasm to learn how to build their own Woodfired Oven from Alan Watt, professional ceramic artist and former Head of Ceramic Department at ANU was a delight.  

Thanks again for your support for our farm.  If you have a topic you'd like us to discuss in our newsletters please drop us a line with your request.

Don't forget to place your Harvest Bag order by 10am Thursday 17 March 2016 (orders@BurraBeeFarm.com.au).

See you this weekend at the Markets.

Farm to plate and locally yours,
BurraBee Farm