April 2016

Thank you!

This month has been full to the brim. The changing season brings a fresh start to new winter seedlings and the progression of our second market garden patch.  We've met amazing customers at markets, and while out and about. We have wonderful supportive for our Harvest bags, and with that support have raised $140 for the Give a Fork campaign.  I sound like a broken record sometimes but the support we receive from our customers ensures we can continue to grow and produce food for you and the local region.  That's inspiring and we thank you.

Where you will find us this week...

We'll be at the Farmers and Foodies market on Friday, 22 April 2016.  A new farmers market at the Kingston Foreshore between 3pm - 7pm. Why not get your weekly shop on a Friday night, it's a great location and there are a variety of farmers and producers to choose from. For more information about the market check out our Facebook post for details. 

We'll also make deliveries to our Queanbeyan Harvest Bag customers on Saturday.

In the garden...

The tomatoes have almost finished and we are preparing the beds for the next crop.  This is what we are up to in our garden patch...
First, if there are any tomato plants still in the ground with unripe fruit on them, we've pulled them out and hung them upside down on our fence. The stress on the plant forces the fruit to ripen, and the remaining goodness in the stems is focused on the fruit.

Now it's time to prep the bed. For us this means adding a layer of compost, a touch of bio-fert, a quick once over with the rotary hoe and then double digging the bed (digging down approx 600mm). If you're not into double digging then after the rotary hoe you can loosen the subsoil with a broadfork.
A soil test to determine the soils PH is required after a long summer growing season.  The test allows us to perform any corrective actions to keep our market garden soil delicious and nutritious for vegetable growing. We give our garden beds a light rake to dress them ready for planting out seedlings and seeds.
What we're planting at the moment.  We use the Root - Fruit - Leaf - Legume rotation cycle.  For example in the beds where tomatoes were grown, we are now growing a leaf crop. For those beds waiting to be planted out, we cover to reduce/stop weeds growing, and also give the soil a quick tickle with the rake again when we're ready to plant.