Soil is the key

It feels like 'modern Western society' has lost (or perhaps has chosen to ignore) so much knowledge? In this article researchers have discovered that the Amazonians were able to farm more crops in smaller spaces (similar to our farming practices here at BurraBee Farm; we call it Bio-Intensive). The Amazonians would 'feed' the soil to re-introduce nutrients and organic matter so that the soil was again fertile and able to produce more crops. Today this nutrient rich soil still exists and persists in the Amazon today. Scientists have called it, ADE (Amazonian Dark Earth). This technique is how we farm at BurraBee Farm. We use a small area of the farm using Bio-Intensive practices to grow nutrient rich vegetables. We constantly work to improve the soil, we test the soil and we make organic changes as needed. It is a continual monitoring system.

Our goal is to keep the soil on our farm nutrient rich. We encourage microbes in the soil by brewing teas that feed and sustain healthy soil. We collect and add brown and green organic matter to the compost, which is placed in a sunny spot to assist the bacteria at an optimal temperature. We then turn the compost for airation and eventaully we receive in return humus rich compost to add to the patches. It is a beautiful sight adding this nutrient and microbe rich compost to the soil. We don't want you to miss out on the fun so we'd like to invite you to add to the farm's soil health with 'Mrs Bucket'. A compost collection scheme, for our CSA members, where we will take your scraps and add them to our farms compost, thereby increasing to nutrient content of the soil in the veggie patch.

We thank you in advance for helping us leave better soil for the generations to come!