It's Your Choice

Which path will you take?

Free Range?

Have a look at the recent Landline video about Australian Free Range chicken eggs Is 1 bird per square metre 'free range'? Is no grass / insects to feed on the way you want your chickens treated? Here at BurraBee Farm we have about 7 chickens to the hectare, or to put it another way, almost 1,500 square metres per chicken. That's about 4 times more area than the standard block size for a family in Googong!!!

How can we fix a system that appears to be owned by the big players? Here are a few ways...

  • Email your Local/State/Federal member - let them know that as a consumer (and a voter) you are unhappy with the situation
  • Do some homework - Grab the egg carton in your 'fridge and Google the supplier. What stocking rate do they have? What 'paddock' conditions do the birds have? What breeds of chicken do they use?
  • Buy from a 'Real Free Range' farmer - at a market, or even direct. Nothing hurts the big players more than if the public show their dissatisfaction buy not buying their product. There are plenty of regional producers here and this website  - Flavour Crusader, lists just about all of them around Australia.

Gardening Tip

Recycle those empty ice cream punnets (or any wide rim plastic container) and attach a variable rate dripper.  I know the last thing many of us are thinking about is watering the garden, but before you know it summer will be upon us and this is an easy and relatively cheap option for watering in plants.  It's a perfect mini 'water tank' for your fruit tree saplings or bushes.

When it rains, simply leave the lid off the container, close the dripper and catch the rain, then in a couple of days when the tree needs watering open the dripper to 1L - 2L per hour and you've watered the trees.

Harvest Bags

Our online payment system is ready to take your order for this weeks harvest bag.  Available to for pickup at the Farmers and Foodies Market on Friday between 3pm - 7pm, get in quick before they go...

What's on around Canberra

  • 16 September

Farmers and Foodies Market, 3-7pm - Old Bus Depot Kingston

  • 17 September

Canberra City Walk Markets, 10am - 4pm - Petrie Plaza Civic

Floriade 2016: Life in Bloom, 9am - 5:30pm - Commonwealth Park Canberra - OPENING WEEKEND

  • 18 September

Westside Village Markets, 11am - 4pm - Lake Burley Griffin

Shirty Science Illustration Workshop, 2 - 5pm, Anvil Studio & Gallery

The Gruffalo, 10:30am and 1pm, The Q Queanbeyan