Being Brave

At home this week many of our conversations have been about being brave.  The type of bravery it takes to tell a friend the truth when the truth could hurt.  The wish for bravery of our politicians to be brave and make a positive difference during their elected term.  Being brave when facing a minus 6 start to the morning and clearing the frozen water pipes so the animals can have water.  Or being brave and following our dream to continue to do and make a difference to the health of our farm and the community of fabulous supporters of our farm.  Being brave is about changing our mindset and believing we can do this despite set backs.  Our lives are way too short to let it get away from us.  Let's all be brave.  Let's do something brave (big or small ) each day.  

Gardening Tip of the week....

If you add a high nitrogen fertiliser to your soil it can bind with the available carbon in the soil making it unusable to the living organisms.

To overcome this add a little compost to your soil at the same time as adding the fertiliser, it is high in carbon and this will replenish the carbon lost to the nitrogen


Permaculture is based on utilising and shaping natural processes, like those seen in forests. One way to mimic nature is to build a “food forest.”  Similar to a natural forest system, food crops and other plants that provide for human needs, fruit and nut trees, herb shrubs and perennial vegetables that like a shady position, can be planted together to create multiple layers of vegetation and a diverse environment.


This week at the Farmers and Foodies Market we'll have our famous Warm Kombucha Cider to warm you up while you wander the Farmers and Foodies market.  We'll also have Raw Honey,  and fresh seasonal vegetables (spring onions, carrots, potatoes, leek, cauliflower, and Turmeric, salad mix and Beef Bone Broth).   

The Harvest Bags are available to pre-order and collect at the Farmers and Foodies market on Friday.  To order your delicious Harvest bag this week either send an email to or order online here.


There's still a few more places available in the Ferment your Drinks workshop on 24 July.  If you'd like to learn how to make your own healthy probiotic drinks then this workshop is for you.  It will be held on Sunday, 24 July 2016, and costs $80. 

As mentioned above we've had a lot of interest in the workshop and there's still a few places avilable for you.  We encourage you to book your place early so that we can confirm numbers and prepare for the fun and hands on fermentation workshop.  More workshop and booking details can be found on the 'orders' page of our website. 


CSA - Community Supported Agriculture Memberships - closing soon



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