Last month of Winter...

Last month of winter approaches...

As we approach the last month of winter we're assessing, obsessing and planning.  It seems like time is getting away from us as we lead into the busy Spring and Summer seasons. We know, however, that time hasn't gotten any quicker it's just that we're assessing time prospectively - what did we achieve/do today, and retrospectively - what did we achieve/do last week/month.  Time hasn't changed at all! It's us, we've changed, we've learnt something new, we've adapted, or we've followed our daily routines. Research says that filling your time with new experiences will help us perceive time differently. If you're looking for your own personal measurement of time we encourage you to look at Claudia Hammond's booking. Time Warped.  Claudia has also put together a short clip providing you with 30 seconds of amazing facts about time (eating fast food makes you feel impatient), check it out.


Use your cooking water wisely.  Instead of pouring your cooking water down the sink, let it cool down and use it to water your plants.  The nutrients and vitamins in the water you use to cook vegetables or pasta will give you greener plants.

Recipe of the week....

We love following Love & Lemons.  Their blog is full of delicious, fresh seasonal recipes, and their pictures are drool worthy.  We're constantly thinning out the carrots, which means we have a delicious supply of very small carrots.  The recipe is gluten free and dairy free. The carrot top pesto is the perfect accompaniment.  Head to tail carrot love!  We hope you enjoy, if you have a chance to the try the recipe we'd love to see and share your pictures.

At the markets...

The weekend was full of fun and frivolity.  We attended the Queanbeyan Christmas Fair on Sunday, with so many marvelous people supporting the event.  Thank you, it was a fun day.  On Sunday we also had a great time at our workshop - Ferment your Drinks.  Again we're extremely lucky to spend time and get to know so many lovely people.      

We won't be at the Farmers and Foodies Market this weekend, Andrew and Taylor will be away, meeting up with other small farmers.  They'll be feeling inspired and ready to get into SPRING when they get home!

You may however see us at an event on Sunday, we will know more details tomorrow.

You'll find us at the following markets:

  • Harvest Bag deliveries Thursday afternoon & Friday morning.
  • 29 July - We are away at a Small Farmers Gathering to discuss issues and innovations in the farming community
  • 5 August - Farmers and Foodies Market - Kingston Bus Depot - 3pm to 7pm
  • 6 August - Community Market Day - Bagot St. O'Connor - 10am - 1pm

We'll have the Harvest Bags picked, packed and ready for delivery on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning before 11am.  To order your Harvest bag send an email to or order online here.


Your membership for the Spring CSA will be closing soon to allow us time to prepare and plan.  Last memberships will be taken on 20 August 2016, or until sold out.

Community Support Agriculture - Spring and Summer