Rain, Rain, Rain

Rain, Rain, Rain...

It feels like the first half of the year went without so much as a hello, and now we're jumping straight into July.  According to the Bureau of Meteorology, June (144mm) was the wettest month on record since 1956 (126mm).

The rain is fabulous to see after a dry summer and autumn.  The dams are full, the tanks are full, and we are proud to say the soil is retaining moisture better than when we first moved in.  We are still struggling to place swales around the farm to continue to slow water down, but I think this is just a matter of doing what we can when we can.  We have to continue to remind ourselves that this farm is going to take time, that it is a slow and steady process.

Gardening Tip of the week....

Looking for something to do with those BurraBee Farm egg cartons?

You can bring them along to a market we attend and we'll take them back and compost them and put the compost straight back in the soil, or you could compost them but before you do why not use them as seed trays to grow radish or lettuce. We often use the spent egg cartons to start our leeks and onions.  

Permaculture Tip....

We talk a lot about swales and in permaculture they play a small yet important role.  Not only do swales slow running water down when it rains, making it easier for soil particles to ease their way back into the ground and protecting top soil washing away.  They also make a perfect rise to plant fruit trees and other yummy vegetables.

Many people plant trees along a swale, with the best spot on the lower side with the water captured above the tree.  This allows the water to sit and collect giving the tree a much needed drink.  When swales are first planted it is best to plant a ground cover over the plants to keep the soil in place.

At the Markets...

We love attending the markets because that's when we have the chance to catch up with you.  It's our chance to learn more about you, and what you might like to see us grow in Spring and Summer.  We'd love you to pop by our stall, buy our local vegetables, raw honey or fermented drinks, and have a chat.  You'll find us at the following markets in July.

  • 15 July - Farmers and Foodies Market - Kingston Bus Depot - 3pm to 7pm
  • 17 July - Queanbeyan Market - Queanbeyan Town Park Lowe St - 10am to 2pm
  • 22 July  - Farmers and Foodies Market - Kingston Bus Depot - 3pm to 7pm
  • 24 July - Christmas in July Market Day- Queanbeyan Showgrounds, Glebe Ave.- 10am to 3pm

We have Harvest Bags available for pre-order and collection at the Farmers and Foodies market on Friday or Queanbeyan Market on Sunday.  To order your delicious Harvest bag send an email to orders@burrabeefarm.com.au or order online here.


There's still a few places available in the Ferment your Drinks workshop on 24 July.  If you'd like to learn how to make your own healthy probiotic drinks then this workshop is for you for you.  

Cost:  $80
Time: 10am - 2pm
When: Sunday, 24 July 2016. 

We encourage you to book your place soon, as we'll be finalising numbers on Monday, 18 July to prepare for the workshop. The workshop is fun and the hands on learning the art of fermentation will give you the confidence to make your fermented drinks at home.  Further information about the workshop and booking details can be found on the 'orders' page of our website.  We hope to see you at the workshop. 


Community Support Agriculture - Spring and Summer 

Grow and Gather - coming soon


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