Winter Solstice

Today is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year.  A day where we see the least amount of sunlight.  Historically, this was a time of celebration for our ancestors.  They celebrated making it half way through winter.  They celebrated with fermented drinks and foods prepared earlier in the season.  It was a tradition to gift these fermented goodies to friends and families, a tradition can still carries on today. 

The other good news about the Winter Solstice is that we'll start to see more daylight hours as we head towards the Summer Solstice where we start all over again and see a reduction in the daylight hours.  There's something to be said for routine, or is it the earth breathing?  Do you have a Winter Solstice tradition in your family?

Gardening tip of the week...

Snails and slugs love damp days.  It’s a time of the year where they can do lots of damage to your precious vegetables. There is an easy and chemical free way to control them. Place a few, small terracotta flower pots on their side in your vege patch. As the vege patch begins to dry out, the inside of the terracotta pot stays moist and the slugs and snails are attracted to it. Now you have a flower pot full of slugs and snails that can be fed to the chooks (a great source of protein).

What's happening on the farm....

We've been busy repairing old fencing towards the back of our farm, and we've started to segregate the paddocks into small lots.  This allows us to move the animals more frequently, and give the paddocks more rest time to grow better food.  We're also sowing different types of pasture in the paddocks with the aim of improving diversity and nutrition to the soil and for our animals. 

The recent rain gave us the opportunity to monitor our recently built swales to see how they managed the water run off, and it also showed us where other swales are required.  These will be added to our to do list. 

It's the time of year where everything seems to be slowing down on the farm.  We've seen a reduction in the 'ladies' (the chickens) egg laying.  They are using all their energy to produce new feathers.  While we miss the abundance of eggs in our diet, we're also grateful we have chickens that are in tune with the season.  This means they are happy and truly free range chickens. 


Ferment Your Drinks - Sunday 24 July 2016 - 10am to 2pm

We have our next 'Ferment Your Drinks Workshop' on Sunday, 24 July 2016.  To book your place on this fun and hands on fermentation workshop click on the image link below. 

You'll receive step by step demonstrations for making delicious soft effervescent Kombucha, Water Kefir and home made non-alcoholic ale.  You'll go home with the techniques for making your very own delicious fermented drinks at home. 

Harvest Bags...

This week's Harvest bag orders can be collected from the Farmers and Foodies Market on Friday between 3pm and 7pm or the Canberra City Walk Markets on Saturday between 10am - 4pm.

Coming up...

Watch this space in the coming months we are contemplating a new build project at the farm, a forge. That's right, a device used to heat metal until it is moulded into useful items. Do we need one? We don't know yet but it sounds like a great idea and at this time of year it's a great excuse to get things hot :) We'll be looking for volunteers to share their ideas, have a bit of fun and help construct this madness.  If your interested in being part of the forge project send an email to

Community Supported Agriculture

What is Community Supported Agriculture?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) allows our customers to buy heirloom varieties of vegetables that aren't always provided at the local markets we attend.  It involves you directly, as our customer, supporting our farm to grow nutritious and delicious heirloom vegetables.  The aim of the CSA is to encourage a system that links growing high quality food, using ecological and organic practices, it links the farmer and you.  You can do this by purchasing a membership to our CSA and in return you will receive a Harvest Hamper each week.  If the harvest is bountiful you'll receive the joys of the bounty.  There's are numerous other advantages to joining our CSA, these include receiving a delicious variety of vegetables in the Harvest hamper that you can't usually buy, varieties that are full of flavour, you'll also receive an invitation to dine at BurraBee Farm's long table, and receive regular invitations to visit the farm, just for our members.  For more information about our CSA membership click on the picture above or here.  We have a limited number of memberships available, and a few already purchased.  So get in quick before the memberships are sold out.

We'd love to read your comments or ideas. Leave them below.